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Fiat 124 Spider spare parts listing

Here you will find the spare parts you may need and they sit idly on my garage shelf.  I would be glad  to dispose of them, but  as we had to pay for them, you have to pay for them, too. This is not a commercial site selling parts for Fiat 124 Spider, but a site for friendly fans of  Fiat 124 Spider, so the prices are at a friendly level. All prices are "negotiable" and instead of money I am willing to exchange these parts for something I need, so I'm waiting for offers.

Our general pricing rules are:
  • New OEM parts: up to 30% off the going price
  • Used original parts:  up to 30% of going price.
As reference for the "going price" use prices at (or similar Spider part source) or ebay prices .
All pictures below are photos of the actual spare item.
This is not a full picture of available parts as there are many, many more for which I have to take pictures  The gallery of available spare parts will be updated systematically.  Thus  I suggest you subscribe to this page by filing a contact form and checking  "Spider parts needed". This way I will be able to update you by email on new parts put on the "124 Spares list".
If you need a specific part, let us know.  Maybe we have it. If not I will gladly help you locate the "best buy" on the internet. If you have any other technical problem or question related to Fiat 124 Spider please contact me via contact form on the right of the main top menu of this page, or click on "CONTACT" below.
I also invite you to visit our service area, (click "OUR SERVICE"  below).  


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