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Are you a historic rally winner ?

This test is just for fun and must not be taken seriously !  

Answer the following 10 questions and see  of you have what ot takes to become a Historic Rally winner.  

  1. Would you give up a Hawaii vacations to finance the whole rally season ?

  2. Do you think that as a Historic Rally Competitor you should be actually making money ? 

  3. Would you keep your spouse in the dark as to the actual costs of your rallying ?

  4. Would you rather go to the historic rally, than spend the weekend with your  girl/boyfriend ?

  5. Do you think that good rallies are short, cheap and easy ? 

  6. Is working in the garage long nights before a rally is normal ? 

  7. Would you travel 400 km each way to bring the part you need to continue the rally ? 

  8. Is historic rallying a job for you ?  

  9. Do you think that historic rallying can make you better person in none-rally life? 

  10. Would you help your direct competitor, knowing that without your help he loses and you win ? 

If you answered YES to questions # 2 5 or # 8 - you do not qualify for historic rallies. Try less demanding sport discipline.

  • If out of the remaining 7 questions answered YES 

    • 7 times  - you are a born Historic Rally Champion - go for it !

    • 6 times - you have great potential in historic rallies;

    • 5 times - you have potential and some work before you become Historic Rally Champion  

    • 4 times - you have a minimum to become a competitor of historic rallies - not everybody must become a champion to enjoy participation in hostoruic rallies. Sports achievements will come over time.   

    • 3 times - you are an excellent candidate for a champion of historic regularity rallies

    • 2 or less - you should have used the X-15 seat (here is your chance again). In historic sports rallies you are a lost cause. Keep to the rat race in a corporation, Maybe your dream will come true and you become Director. True sport is not for you. 

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