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Time of the rally ( 4 to 4 ½ days) is when all team members do all it takes to make sure that the crew and the car can perform to its full potential. As no plans can prepare any team member for what really will be needed to achieve this goal everybody has to be focused, creative and ingenious.

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DRIVER: Technically the driver has only two tasks: 1: conduct a recon of Special Stages; dictate pace notes, on the first leg, correct them on the second leg and verify them on the third leg to make the notes as perfect as possible.  2/ Drive on the stages to achieve the best time on each of them keeping the car on the road and always make it to the finish. The driver also decides which tire he wants and communicates any problems in driving / handling of the rally car on the stages to the service team. When on the Special Stage the driver is in full command. When not on the stage the Driver just does what he is told by the Co-Driver.

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CO-DRIVER: has full responsibility is for all admin aspects of the rally, all rally documents as well as to making sure the rally timetable Is kept, the crew is where is must be on time and knows how to get there. During the rally the Co-Driver is the acting team manager. At all times when the car is not on the Special Stage the co-Driver is in full command. He tells the driver, when, where and how to drive, when to stop,  when to stop, turn left or right, when to put the helmet on, take it off, when to buckle up, etc., etc.         


SERVICE BOSS: has responsibility is to setup the service bay, assure all service members know and adhere to the rally schedule, all  service bay support services are ready, all rally service regulations are observed, all safety procedures followed,  all required supplies are available.  He is responsible for feeding the team while in the service zone. He is also responsible for the fuel supply and managing refueling, tire change and serves as the step-in 3rd mechanic, when needed.  

CHIEF MECHANIC: is responsible for communication with the crew as to any possible problems with the car during the rally. He decides on the sequence priority of problems to be are addressed in service, and how as well as to who does what during the limited service time. Chief Mechanic and mechanic carry out all the required service activities including the "standard service', which is a list of tasks performed every time the car comes into the service bay. 

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