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Rally Service requires tool sand equipment: variety of wrenches, screwdrivers, drills, hammers. Literally anything and everything one needs in fully equipped professional service garage. Without proper variety of very good quality tools no repair in rally service conditions, can be done not only very quickly but also very well. The alternative is simple: your service fixes the car in 15 - 20 minutes of service and you finish the rally, or you exceed the time limit for service and get disqualified. It does not matter how big are the technical problems. What matters is if you have the service, tools and spare parts to deal with it quickly. If the service cannot perform in such manner even a small malfunction may force the team to withdrawal from the competition for technical reasons.

As the old rally proverb says - the winners are at the finish.  If your car does not make it to the finish line, a chamce to win is inadvertently lost.  

Everyone knows that you cannot have with you all the tools, but some of them one cannot afford not to have on the service van:

  • torque wrench

  • hi power electric wrench 

  • power grinder 

  • power screwdriver 

  • power drill

  • long and short sockets (up to 40 mm)

  • low profile car lift 

  • barrel hand pump (fuel) 

Service also needs solvents, cleaners, grease, glue, high temp silicon, and much, much more.

Note that there is not time to search for tools or parts during a rally service. Everything must be on its place and mechanics must know exactly what is where. This means that the limited space on the service van must be well organized and kept vert tidy. 

The cost of toolling of your service can run from € 1.000 to as much as € 10.000.   

The only limit is your budget  (and the size of your service van) ! 

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