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During the rally your service zone is team's true outdoors home and office. It has to be sufficiently comfortable with at least basic functionality. It must protect from rain and wind. Thus a tent is a must. The tent walls are not used every time, but are often essential to provide adequate protection from the elements. Thus, the tent must be complete with all extras, including walls that can be attach and as balast weight, to keep it in place in  gusty wind.  Cost of a service folding tent measuring 3 x 6 meters starts at € 300 and can run up to €1.500. Separate office, rest and eating areas can easily triple the cost. 


As required by FIA rally regulations the car must stand on a impregnated mat of 5 x 6 meters. The mat should be made from a thick material typically PCV with density of 550 g/m2. It is durable and resistant to wear and tear. It should have folded edges with metal holes. Mat is also a great way to promote  your team and/or your sponsor so using a mat in vivid colors. The painting technique used to put text and logo that will cause it not to wash off too soon is worth paying extra.  Basic mat costs as little as €15, but it is worth investing even €300 in good quality product that will last you for years and will always look professional. 


The service team spends the whole rally in the service zone. Driver and co driver - rest there between special stages. Mechanics work and rest there during the rally. Thus the zone must provide minimum comfort: some seats, a table, an ice cooler for cold drinks, hot pots for tea/coffee; mugs, spoons, sugar, etc. Incidentally it is a good idea to have your tea/coffee mugs with team logo. 

To keep the zone clean you also need a roll of service paper, a wide water wiper, a wide brush, a mop, a bucket, a trash bin, some clean service rugs.

Safety requires also to have a fairly large fire extinguisher (foam is best) and a first aid kit. 

For timekeeping you need a large display clock.

As sometime service is performed during the night you need to assure proper lighting. It might be either battery operated or you need a small generator.

Firmware clothing, T-shirts, caps, banners which present the team in the service zone mean spending additional € 500.

Total cost of such essential service zone equipment can be as little as  €500, but to fully equip your service zone can can easily spend well in excess of  € 5.000. 

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