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TIP: Rally trailer 



Rally trailer can be rented. 

A self contained  auto trailer cost top rent is from €50 to €100 per day.  Advantage of such solution is that you need not worry about the you drivers license . Such small trucks are rated 3,t tonnes for which a standard passenger car driver's license is all you need. Often this is a "double cabin" auto truck which lets you take with you 4 passengers. If you calculate the gasoline cost (to tarnsport your team to the rally), and trailer rental to transport your rally car this may be a good deal.   

You may also rent a standard hauled trailer. The cost  is ca. €30 per day.

But note: With a category B driving license, the total maximum gross weight (GVM) of the car used to tow the trailer and the GVM of the trailer itself must not exceed 3.5 tons. There are rarely rental trailers with such a limited GVM. A typical historic rally car usually weighs around 1 ton, and most of the rented trailers have a load capacity of 1.5 - 3.0 tonnes. This gives the trailer GVM from 2.0 to 3.5 tonnes. With such a GVM, it is very difficult to find a passenger car that could tow it according to the regulations. On the other hand, a large SUW type car will pull such a trailer in accordance with the regulations, but the entire set will have much more than 3.5 tons allowed for category B.

The criterion of the total GVM of the whole set (up to 3.5 tons) is a criterion related only to the category B driving license and it is not the only criterion allowing such a set to be used in traffic.

It should also be remembered that the car registration document specifies the maximum gross trailer weight (GVM) that the car can tow.

The matter is also not trivial. This requires a very careful study of the registration document of your own car and rally car, and after making simple calculations, determine what parameters the trailer must have (curb weight + load capacity = GVW). Finding the right tow truck is possible but takes some time.
If the driver driving the set (car + trailer) exceeds the permissible limits, he will break the law. The police may not only fine him, but also order him to unhitch the trailer and leave it at the roadside. And here is an additional catch - it's not safe to leave a tow truck on the side of the road everywhere. Then the police will call a tow truck, which will take the haul it to the nearest parking lot. This can be a very unpleasant surprise on the way to the rally, which may make it impossible to start even before reaching the service park.

There is only one conclusion: it is worth getting interested in this topic early. The matter is manageable, but it requires some time and effort. The most effective solution is to obtain a B, E driving license, which allows you to drive a set of up to 7 tons, or to hire a mechanic who has such a driving license.

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