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     All of us started in amateur sport and we loved it. In fact we loved it so much we wanted more and more and soon we have exhausted what amateur sport had to offer.  We wanted more – a national  rally championship for historic cars, but there was no such series. So, … we organized it and now have official Poland Historic Rally Championship.  We are playing in the top league, with strict sporting FIA rules and competition at its best. 

    For the last five years Poland Historic has proved to be a successful rally series. Officially it is the second highest ranking rally championship in Poland, the first being the Poland Rally Championship of contemporary cars. We start in the same rallies and drive the same distances on the same special stages. Our champions win titles of Poland Champion in Historic Rallies.

    There are 5 to 6 rallies in our Rally Calendar every season, starting in April and ending October. Each rally takes two rallying days but in fact this is a 4-day-long event, typically starting Wednesday evening and ending late Sunday afternoon. Each rally is between from 350 km to 650 km long of which 100 km to 300 km are Special Stages, often as long as 30 km each.

​Competing in National Rally Championship requires true dedication and real passion. But first of all it takes time. Each team member must be ready to devote a minimum of 24 days each season to rallying events (and this means 6 full weekends between April and October). 

Rally Sport is neither for the rich nor for the poor.

Rallies are the truly for the dedicated and the determined. The essence of rallying is overcoming one's weaknesses and imitations, whatever they. If a driver without arms could become a drift champion any one of us can achieve anything he dares to dream of. Sure rallies cost. Nothing is free in this life. But what you spent is up to you and the entry cost level is lower than most think. Some of us spend as little as well under €1000 per event  - ca. € 4.000 per season. Some spend between € 15.000 - €25.000 per season. Few spend much more. Like any other sport, historic rallies can easily consume any budget, no matter how big.  But like in any sport you can start with any budget you can afford, small or large. And if you are determined and smart you can even do it with no budget at all.


Historic Rallies is an action sport. It involves risk and requires special mental and emotional qualities. Just as any other sport discipline – historic rallies are not for everyone. But It is however untrue that it is a sport of the "few rich men". Quite to the contrary. Few of the competitors which first started as “financially privileged” have ever made it to the top, while most of those to have really made it, started their rally adventure in borrowed cars and with not a single penny to their name. The beauty of this sport is that winning is in the in head not in the pocket. It is one's qualities such as determination, perseverance and ambition that are key to winning. And this is something you either have or have not. No money can but it.

"You must be crazy!"

One of the young Polish rally drivers of the 70's, to total distress of his parents dropped out of university to wash dishes in a restaurant Germany for a year to earn money for his dream rally car he believed he needed to win the championship title. Later he won scores of rallies titles including his dream title of Polish Rally Champion, twice.​When asked recently was it not stupid to drop out of college to work hard as a dishwasher in a foreign country to buy a rally car, he replied:  

“Sure, it was absolutely crazy! But I was im my twenties then. Today I am well over 60. Now, with decades of hindsight and good reflection on what is important in life I can say with full conviction:  Given the chance to relive my life again I would have done the same again, without a second of hesitation! " 


 In a moment he added:  "I would change only one thing -  I would buy a better car. Making your dreams come true is priceless.“  

​​Lack of money is no reason to give up your dream

It is lack of courage to live your dream that make you fail before you even start. Rallies are not for the faint at heart, but so is every true achievement in life. 

All people on this Earth have dreams. But 90% of them never do anything to make these dreams come true. They just talk, complain and think they are the "unlucky ones". They grow bitter with envy of the "lucky ones" who achieve just about anything they dream of while they never realize any dream. At the same time they think crazy is chasing one's dreams with years long hard work and talking lots of risk in the process. They do not realize that luck never comes to those that do nothing, but wait to be served everything on a silver platter; that luck is forged of hard work, determination, ingenuity, perseverance and risk. 

Winners and losers!  

The 10% make an effort to implement their dreams but half of them do not have the determination and guts to achieve the impossible and give up their dreams in the process. In the end fewer than 5% of the dreamers make their dream come true, but being "lucky" has nothing to do with their success. What has everything to do with is is being a "go getter",being bold, courageous, tough, never taking no for an answer and never giving up. This is what differentiates the winner for the looser.   

Poland Historic Rally Championship is not for everyone​

No wonder that our Poland Historic Rally Championship is not for everyone. It is for the fearless dreamers that have the guts to do what it takes to make their dream come true, no matter how long and tough it gets. 

The 2019 Lower Silesian Rally was one of the toughest rally event in Poland recent history: pouring tropical rain, milk-like fog at night on narrow icy mountain, serpentine  roads. Tough, demanding, dangerous and you can't even see the road. All our crews have reacted to it the same way: they were happy, they loved it, they all dazzled with smiles of true joy. This faces expressed nothing but unlimited satisfaction. This is what we in Poland Historic like best! The tougher the better. For us it was a true rally feast ! 

We love tough. In fact, if our rallies were easy enough to be for everyone they would not be what they are we would not be a part of it. 

Try it, you'll love it or leave it 

Sky rocketing emotions, seas of adrenaline which Poland Historic offers offset all effort and money spent for it by at least a factor of 10. Weather you want to a part of it just for the fun of participation or you are in it strictly for the winning, if  you have high octane gasoline in your veins -  you will absolutely love it !

If you do not love it - leave it 

We are all free men. Free to decide whatever we want or do not want to do. Historic rallies is good for some but not for everyone. Visiting this sight and entering into this service you are under no obligation to love the historic rallies, but ... If you do not - it is no shame - this unique sports discipline may not be for you. If you  : 

  • are indifferent to historic rallies; 

  • think that historic rallies are boring for everyone except for a few eccentrics;

  • object to strict observance of the FIA rules or, to the contrary believe that we are far too lose with applying the FIA Rules; 

  • never owned a historic car nor dreamed of having one;

  • think that love for a  non commercial sport, based on pure and fair competition makes one a Jurassic park dinosaur;

  • do not dream of taking part in real Championship rallies;

  • believe that bending rally rules to win is "normal"; 

  • take strict observance of safety and technical rules in historic rallies is absurd:


You are likely a very good candidate for achievements outside of historic rallying. Do not waist your time here.  of here. Courtesy of historic rallies we offer you an ejection seat from X-15 - the jet in which test pilot Chuck Yeger broke the sound barrier for the first time on history. This seat is also historic, but will get you of here in no time! Good bye ! 

If you love it  - go for it  !


If you among historic rally lovers, we  invite you to start your adventure with historic rallies: 


We are determined guide you and help you.


A short guide to our service.

DISCIPLINE - in this tab you can read about the difference between historical rallies and other rallies, what Poland Historic Rally Championship is all about, learn who are our competitors about HRSMP and what are their sporting achievements. 

TEAM - here you meet out Rally team  and find out what a rally team does throughout the season.

RALLY CAR - here we present technical details of our cars and advise you how to choose a rally car for yourself.


EQUIPMENT - this is a section devoted to the hardware needs of each rally team in which  we try to advise try how to beat the costs. 


GALLERIES - contain our best photos and videos arranged in a thematic manner.


HERITAGE - is dedicated to the history of Abarth, the legends of the company (Carlo Abarth and Aurelio Lampredi), the history of the 124 convertible and the family 131 Mirafiori which become WRC legends, the historic colors of both models and the galaxy of superstars that led the Fiat Abarth Rally to the top of the FIA ​​World Championship.

TECH SUPPORT - is a place for technical communication with our Partners details engaged in rebuilding  Abarth Rally Group 4 cars.  

We hope that you will find your visit to our website interesting and informative. If you are interested in our technical support and our Partnership Program, please use the application form in the CONTACT tab


Post scriptum: To check if you have what it takes to become a historical rally champion, click: TEST

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