Time after the rally is when all team members must critically analyze their performance during the rally and identify what  each and every team member can do better so that the team releases it full potential. Critical analysis, understanding the rally, creativity, ingenuity, diligence in preparations and hard work are key to success. Improving performance and correcting mistakes  allow the team to get better with every rally. Contrary to common sense understanding of rallies (just like in the case of any and all sports) it is the activities performed out of actual competition that are responsible for al least 50% of success. 

DRIVER has the responsibility to: review the rally car performance during the rally and communicate it to Service Boss and Chief Mechanic; review pace notes with Co-Driver and analyze if the pace notes could be improved; analyse performance of communication between driver the co-driver, especially dictation of the pace notes. He should d; review the whole team performance during the rally identifying what elements that could have adversely effected the final result.  Finally his task is to analyse his own performance during the rally and identify areas for his own improvement. 

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CO-DRIVER's key post-rally task is to critically analyse his own performance during the rally, communicate this to the driver (and/or other team members, if applicable) and design ways of how to improve. He should also analyse what elements of performance by other team members could have adversely affected his performance, and communicate it to these team members.

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SERVICE BOSS post rally tasks are the same as Co-Driver's, but he also must analyse any potential need to modify available tools and spare parts. 

CHIEF MECHANIC has the same tasks as these of Service Boss , but he also must perform full, post rally service of the car preparing it to the next rally. 

ALL TEAM MEMBERS must meet shortly after the rally to communicate results of their analysis of the rally as well as to decide on any chances preparations, task division and procedures for the next rally. Each team member should be able to see the rally with the eyes of any other team member. The better he understands all other team members the better the team's performance at the rally.