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Our unique experience ​


​We have been working with our Fiat 124 and 131 Abarth Rally for over last 15 years. During this time, we gained a lot of knowledge about their construction, we collected countless detailed technical data, as well as parts and components. We met the leading European experts and collectors of these cars. Thanks to this, we have built faithful replicas of these rally legends. This site is a showcase of our experience in overcoming the myriad technical challenges that await everyone when rebuilding / renovating any historic rally car.


The Only Such Rally Team stable in Europe


Today we are one of the very few rally teams in the world who in their rally stable have both Fiat Abarth Rally models in the group 4 specs.​ Our cars are not museum pieces, but fully operational rally cars competing in historical rallies in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria for years. In the 2021 season, both our Abarths will compete in the Historic Polish Rally Championship. This makes us the only rally team in Europe which competes in National Historic Rally Championship using full set of Fiat Abarth rally  models, with a history of ex-works entries in WRC. 


Our capabilities


Our model specific experience and knowledge of the Fiat 124 and 123 Abarth rally makes us uniquely qualified to help others who, like us, want to personally fulfill their racing dreams behind the steering wheel of these legendary Abarths. We can help them by sharing our knowledge, providing very detailed design , service and technical information as well as  offering practical technical and service support in all aspects of reconstruction of Fiat 124/131 Abarths. And not just any reconstruction, but reconstruction in accordance with the FIA ​​homologation forms and very restrictive requirements for obtaining the FIA ​​Historical Technical Passport. This passport allows cars to participate in all the highest-ranking international historic car rally events, including the FIA European Championship. Obtaining the National Technical Passport is a bit less demanding, and opens the possibility to take part in all national championships in historical rallies in Europe. 


Challenges of Rebuilding Fiat 124/131 Abarth Rally 

Only 500 units of civilian Fiat 124 Abarth Rally and 400 units of civilian Fiat 131 Abarth Rally were ever produced and 50 units of each model were build as group 4 rally cars. While all of these cars were built to one and the same, model specific homologation, each car was actually built to a unique, personalized specification developed by Abarth technical team to fit personal preferences and expectations of each individual driver. What is more, it changed regularly depending on each rally character (gravel, tarmac, winter, etc,).  Thus, specs of each car were not only unique – more or less resembling other cars in the team, never exactly the same as any other car of the lot and these specs were not constant. For this reason, a popular concept of Fiat Abarth Rally Gr 4 specs understood as one specific set technical data is a concept fit for a layman. 

Consequently, not surprising is drastically marginal availability of NOS OEM spare parts and their prices straight from the moon. In addition, many currently produced replacements parts are of very unreliable quality, often not fitting the original parts and their current replacements. Under such conditions venturing into rebuilding Fiat Abarth Rally without support from qualified experts borders on a suicide mission.


Alternative approach is to buy an already rebuild car on an open market. It is superficially cheaper, less stressful and quicker. It one fundamental flaw. Without sufficient experience in Fiat Abarth Rally a buyer runs 90% risk that the car he buys, (no matter where it comes from and who build it) will - at most and only to a layman) - resemble a homologated version and will never be allowed to participate in any rally.    


​​Partnership Program 


We offer access to the knowledge and experience of our experts who know these models inside out, have in depth knowledge of the parts market and inside track to suppliers of very specialized technical and production services, full information on all components, structural design, parts data, scope of possible, necessary and forbidden modifications, technical pitfalls, sources of parts and services at a reasonable price and much, much more.


 Such access would assure achievement of two key goals or every project:


  1. keeping the cost as low as possible and

  2. actually completing the project to a predetermined specs, including FIA HTP level.


To facilitate this we have established a Partnership Program. To become our partner, start by sending us your service request via 'CONTACT' tab on the main menu (above) or click here.




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